Interferential-Therapy ( IFT )

As physiotherapists, we pride ourselves on our “hands-on” approach with our patients. We are respected in the field of health as having excellent manual skills. However, we may also make the most of electrotherapy modalities as an effective adjunct to our hands-on treatment. The most commonly found electrotherapy machines in physiotherapy practices are laser, ultrasound and interferential machines. Laser and ultrasound therapy are explained in detail under their own headings. Here interferential therapy is explained.

IFT which stands for interferential therapy is one of the ways of offering electrotherapy for management for pain. The IFT treatment is often used for treating chronic, post-traumatic, and post-surgical pain. The IFT therapy has also gained prominence because of its pain-free, drug-free, and non-invasive way of healing. It has been observed that multiple treatments daily can offer improved results. Many people take IFT treatment at home on their own for pain reduction, medication, and edema. However, it must be done under medical supervision as it involves the use of electric currents.

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