Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that is delivered by the therapists with the hands instead of using a device or machine. Therapists use skilled manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, stretching, Mobilization and Manipulation that enables the patients to have normal joint mobility. You can achieve an Optimal benefit when manual therapy is used in conjunction with other treatments such as ultrasound, interferential therapy (ICF), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and exercise routines.

How does it work ?

During manual therapy, the stimulus is applied to affected body area either with a sustained pressure or a rhythmic oscillation leading to an immediate effect of decreased spasms of muscle. The precise force applied using particular hand placements to muscle tissue and manipulate joints decrease the pain caused by muscle tension, muscle spasm, and joint dysfunction.

Benefits of Manual therapy:

  • Rapid pain relief for acute and chronic pain.
  • Relax tense muscles and restricted joints.
  • Elevates efficient movement.
  • Loosens the stiffness to increase a range of motion.
  • Allows the function of muscles to improve.
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