Strengthening Exercise

When thinking about strengthening exercises, we quickly get the image of a person lifting weights in a gym. Yet strengthening serves us far more than for lifting loads. Muscular strength allows us to perform our work, maintain a stable posture and practice our favorite sports, so we use targeted strengthening exercises in physical therapy to improve your condition.

Most people who go to physiotherapy have to do home exercises. Among these, we often find strengthening exercises. It is therefore important to understand why physiotherapists recommend them and why these exercises will help you stay healthy.

Types of strengthening

There are three types of strengthening exercises depending on the gains you want to achieve:

  • Exercises that increase muscle strength are the most popular. They allow you to do everyday work, activities and leisure. They are very important after an injury.
  • Exercises that increase muscular endurance make it possible to perform a less intense effort for an extended duration. These exercises are preferred to perform sports activities such as running or cycling. They are also important for patients who perform physical work for several hours.
  • Exercises that increase muscle power allow for short-term effort at maximum intensity. This is the kind of strength that weightlifters or sprinters develop. These exercises are ideal for a worker who has to lift heavy loads.
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